It's amazing - just a slight drop in temperature and nobody wants to windsurf any more!

A tiny bit of ice, and all the guys wimped out at Brogborough Lake. But step forward Alex Garrett-Carmichael, a girl who's always prepared to have a go, whatever the conditions. Game for anything, hearing discussions on the shore about the thickness of the ice, Alex was first to volunteer for a bit of ice surfing.

Without the fin she did tend to spin around in circles, which was maybe just as well, as there was no knowing how thick the ice was further out. (And here's your BOARDS disclaimer: especially as this ice thaws, venturing out onto it is not generally a good idea!)

Brogborough Lake is open and ready for business as usual, on the grounds that they never close, but it seems conditions either need to get warmer ready for the ice breakers, or colder for some serious ice windsurf spinning competitions.