Windsurfing Era Cup, International Windsurfing Cup in Jurata.

International Windsurfing FW Era Cup races in Jurata came to an end. 73 windsurfers,

including 10 women and 63 men participated. Competitors came from 19 countries

on four continents. Poland was represented by: world champion Wojciech Brzozowski

(MOS Era Warszawa) and present world champion Dorota Staszewska (AZS Era Warszawa),

Jarek Miarczynski (SKZ Hestia Sopot), Michal Polanowski (MOS Warszawa), Pawel

Hlavaty (SKZ Hestia Sopot), Aleksander Grynis (WTS Deski). Many world renown surfers

also took part including: Ross Williams from Great Britain, Janne Rauhansuu from

Finland, Brian Rögild from Denmark, Gonzalo Costa Hoevel from Argentina,

Arnon Dagan from Israel, Sam Ireland from Canada, Lucy Horwood from Great Britain.

The men competition in Jurata belongs to Europe's Cup classification.

Because of the weather conditions during the competition four races of men and

women were completed. Dorota Staszewska (AZS Era UW) was the unquestionable leader

in women's race and Wojtek Brzozowski (MOS Era Warszawa) was first among men.

Nineteen-year-old windsurfer Michal Polanowski (MOS 2 Warszawa) - the current

junior world champion - also performed excellently winning the fourth position

in general classification of men. According to Formula Windsurfing (course racing)

rules, the races in Jurata took place on a marked route.

The next competitions in Windsurfing Era Cup counting towards World Cup classification

will take place between 7 and 11 August in Leba.

The official classification of International Championship of Poland 2002 in Jurata:


1. Dorota Staszewska (AZS Era UW)

2. Marta Hlavaty (SKZ Hestia Sopot)

3. Anita Majkowska (MOS 2 Warszawa)


1. Wojtek Brzozowski (MOS Era Warszawa)

2. Michal Polanowski (MOS 2 Warszawa)

3. Aleksander Grynis (WTS Deski)

4. Jarek Miarczynski (SKZ Hestia Sopot)

5. Przemek Miarczynski (SKZ Hestia Sopot)

6. Pawel Hlavaty (SKZ Hestia Sopot)

The official scores of Windsurfing Era Cup:


1. Dorota Staszewska (AZS Era UW)

2. Lucy Horwood, Great Britain

3. Verena Fauster, Italy

4. Kristina Willquist, Switzerland

Men in senior category:

1. Wojtek Brzozowski (MOS Era Warszawa)

2. Micah Buzianis, USA

3. Ross Williams, Great Britain

Men in Espoir category:

1. Michal Polanowski (MOS 2 Warszawa)

2. Sylvain Moussilmani, France

3. Roy Van Koolwijk, Holland

Men in Junior category:

1. Seth Besse, USA

2. Lukasz Konieczny (MOS 2 Warszawa)

3. Leszek Rutkowski (MOS 2 Warszawa)