Day four of the Euro Cup event at Lake Silvaplana in Switzerland. Would this

be our lucky day with the wind? We only had today, or if no racing completed,

the reserve day on the Sunday to get a valid event in.

Sure enough at around 11.45am, much earlier than any other day, a distinct

line of wind appeared at the top of the lake, and began working it's way down

towards us. This time it was moving faster down the lake than previous days,

the question was would there be enough strength in the Majola wind when it reached

us? We needed 9 knots on the lake at this altitude, because there is less denisity

and power in the wind for the same speed at sea level.

The answer was yes there was enough wind for racing, and the Formula women

would go first. There was a buzz of activity as people got ready. The spectators

also started to fill the grand stand looking right down the start and finish


With the lake being relatively narrow you had to tack more times than usual

to reach the upwind mark, and this also meant that it was much easier to see

where everyone was and cover people because there was no where for people coming

from behind to go!

I had a good first start and upwind leading around the top mark, with Dorota

second and Lucy Horwood third. At mark four suddenly Dorota was on me again,

either she had brilliant speed to catch me from so far away, or something had

gone wrong. It turned out she had accidentally missed mark three, and so at

the end of the race she retired. This moved everyone behind her up a place,

giving Lucy Horwood second, and the young polish windsurfer Marta Hlavaty third.

In the men's race Jamie Lever had the best start from everyone and he lead

the race from start to finish. Euro Cup and Grand Prix ranking leader Steve

Allen finished second.

We then had a break whilst the Silvaplana Marathon consisting of four laps

of the lake took place. Jamie Lever felt like doing some extra racing (or maybe

there was prize money?) and so he raced and won the marathon as well as race


Next was race two for the women. The wind was a little stronger now. Lucy had

excellent speed. Dorota made an error tacking off after the start, and uncharacteristically

rounded the top mark in fourth position behind myself, Lucy and Verena Fauster.

Lucy and I were having a close race on the first lap until at mark four there

was a wind hole which Lucy fell into and allowed me to get away.

Alex Grynis rounded the top mark in first position for the guys, with Steve

Allen hot on his heels. Alex lead for the first lap, but Steve got past him

on the second upwind and then lead to the finish. Jamie Lever came in third


With almost no break we went out for race three of the day. The wind was still

quite strong down the middle of the lake, but getting more patchy around the

edges and especially at the top mark. I had very good speed and height up the

first beat and also took a nice shift near the mark, while Dorota went a bit

too far left and out of the wind, and so I rounded the top mark with a big lead.

Also to my advantage there was a big lull which the next girls behind got trapped

in at the top mark, while I was lucky and managed to stay in a gust on the first

reach and downwind. Marta, Dorota, Wendy Little and Lucy were changing places

all around the course, with the

wind getting increasingly unstable. We also had contend with all the men that

had one general recall around the bottom mark, which was rather interesting!

In the end Marta got second position, and Dorota third.

The men finally had a clean start, however the leader after two races Jamie

Lever was OCS and therefore disqualified and sent back to the beach. Arnon Dagan

was leading at the top mark. Fortunately for Jamie, with no discard until four

races, the race was abandoned because the wind was too light and unstable.

So that was it, the wind was fading, and racing was finished for the day and

the event. The Brits were in top form Jamie Lever first, and in the women me

first and Lucy Horwood second. Second in the men was Steve Allen, and after

a correction to the results Alex Grynis in third. Marta Hlavaty had a great

result and her first taste of the podium in third position in the women.