Our beloved son is still lost and our hearts are broken, a bright light has gone from our lives but the many words of condolence by email, phone, text, and on forums are of such great comfort, we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for being Andy’s friends.

Trevor, Linda and Kara Funnell.

Yesterday myself and a few of the guys, Whitey, Nikky Boy, Timo, Harty, Cribby, Baker, Mat, Louise, Adrian, Dave, Richie, Clyde, Tim and JC sailed at Seaford beach in his memory, his spirit is flying free now. I will sail for him there again this afternoon, join me if you can, or sail for him wherever you are as soon as you can.

Trevor. to leave your respect for such a decent guy log onto the furum OR www.andyfunnell.com

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