This is the latest video offering from Jamie Hancock, which features himself, Morgan Noireaux and Graham Ezzy sailing in Baja.

"In August 2014 I travelled across the border from California and through the long desert drive to Punta San Carlos, Baja. It was one of the most exciting trips i've ever done and felt like a proper adventure, literally anything could have happened.

I didn't really get the swell I had hoped for and wanted to make a video that truly represented the place. So I got in touch with Graham and Morgan who were kind enough to send me some footage from there time there with some better waves. These guys are both incredibly talented windsurfers and I tip one, if not both, of them to be future world champions. The footage from Morgan was some of the best close up windsurfing footage i've ever seen and filmed from a jet ski. It was filmed by Bennet Williams and I have no idea how he managed to film and operate a ski so well. Graham was good enough to send through unused footage from his time there.

I stayed in Punta San Carlos for 10 days and was spoilt with amazing food, incredible sunsets, nice people and some great windsurfing. No matter your wavesailing level, if you ever get the opportunity to go there just do it, the place is something else...

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Thanks to:

Kevin Trejo |

Jem Hall |

Mark Harpur |

Joey Sanchez (Rider / Video Footage)

Bennet Williams (Jet Ski and Cameraman for Morgan footage)

Morgan Noireaux (Rider)

Graham Ezzy (Rider / Video Footage)

Artist: Flume

Track: ’The Greatest View'

Fimed: Jamie Hancock

Edited: Jamie Hancock"