The RYA are the national governing body for not only windsurfing, but a massive amount of wind and water-based activities. So, it's even better to see when the RYA put some effort into just promoting windsurfing.

Chasing The Wind is a short clip filmed at a windy West Wittering day, if we're honest it's nothing flashy or crazy, but it does showcase exactly why we love windsurfing in the UK.

It is no ordinary day, this was clearly filmed on a windy, stormy, full power day - the thing to come from the UK winter! It means small sails, small boards, windsurfing with mates and making every excuse possible to avoid work in order to hit the water!

"Windsurfing is often recognised as an extreme sport that provides limitless thrills and excitement in a range of disciplines. Whether your aspirations are to ride big waves, to compete in slalom or course racing, to sail freestyle, or just to sail for fun whilst on holiday with the family, there will be something for you."