As we all know by now, the trials are packed with big names and talented riders, including some British guys hoping to make it into the main event. One of the Brits Graham Woods, looks to have the hardest of the trials heats (although we're sure he's going to breeze through), and one of his competitors is Albert Pijoan.

Albert has just posted a new video from his Pozo training, so we took this opportunity to catch up with him and his thoughts on his competitors in the trials heats.

"I would say that I will try to face the trials as another heat. I will try to do my best in all heats I do, no matter if is at the main event or the trials or a amateur competition. Of course you can always win or lose, this is competition..

"Looking at the trials list you realise that there is no chance to make it easy on any of the heats, so let's face it I'll mostly be thinking about my performance, not on the others.

Albert in training...

Let's Keep Training from albert pijoan on Vimeo.