Most windsurfing videos that make their way online nowadays are short but action packed clips.

Plan T, however, is a mammoth 25-minute look at the incredible talent and the inspiration that drives Thomas Traversa.

Some of you may have seen the 'Inside the Mind' piece with published in the Autumn/Winter 2014 issue of Boards, with our cover star Thomas - this video shares yet more and stay tuned as we will have the full feature from print coming online too.

A windsurfing movie about travels and improvisation

Follow Thomas Traversa on a journey through New-Zealand, Cape-Verde, Iceland, Maui, Sardinia and France. A journey that ultimately led him to the 2014 windsurfing wave world title, or why we travel and end up in places where we were not supposed to be.

Gilles Calvet, travel photographer and windsurf trips pioneer, shares some thoughts on travelling. Gilles took Thomas on a windsurf trip to Indonesia back in 2002, followed by many trips around the planet, which somewhat influenced the rest of his life.

movie by double4productions


Thomas Traversa

Jules Denel

Justin Denel

JB Caste


Frank Turner - The road

Kendra Morris - Concrete waves

Juliana - Love is all

Sarah Hauser - Maui song

James Hersey - Coming over

Cesaria Evora - Negue

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros - Better days

Manu Chao - Te souviens-tu ...

Dafuniks - Searching

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