Sara Kellett is a young, up and coming wave sailor from the UK already proving she has the skills to take on the best of the BWA.

Sara has put together a great video from the February storms, click here or the image below to check out the movie and then read more about the story behind it here.

Want to know more about Sara? Check out the her hidden talent feature here.

Sara Kellett

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[part title="Sara Kellett in Cornwall and Devon"]

Sara Kellet in Cornwall a Windsurfing video by boards

Want to know more about Sara? Check out the her hidden talent feature here.

Check out the story behind the movie and a catch up with Sara below...

[part title="Behind the movie"]

"Since returning from Cape Town I have been trying to make the most of the winter winds, waves and fairly warm weather here in the south west. There has been some pretty wild storms, some of which have been fun, and others which have just been a little too extreme. But I’m trying to make the most of it as I am going back to Vass, to work for Ocean Elements, at the beginning of April so won’t have any waves to play with before too long. However, I am hoping to come back for the BWA events in Wales and Ireland this year which will be good.

The video was filmed during the February half-term whilst my Dad was around to do the filming so thanks to him (he really wants to be out sailing too). The spots are all my local places in Devon along with a trip down to Cornwall. It’s pretty varied, and very rarely perfect, but that's what makes sailing in the UK so much fun. Enjoy!

Thanks, Sara."