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Weymouth Speed Week

As the Boards team travelled to Tiree we have missed a little news over the past week or so, many of you have seen the results from another success Weymouth Speed Week, but incase you have missed them or this brilliant video from the action check it out! For galleries from the event head to Dave White’s Facebook page here. 


Name Speed (kts) Craft Type Status Country
1st Daniel Borgelind 33.174 Sailboard Gold-Fleet Sweden
2nd Stephen Corps 32.969 Sailboard Gold-Fleet England
3rd Anders Bjorkqvist 32.852 Sailboard Gold-Fleet Sweden
4th Bob Cunningham 32.634 Sailboard Pro-Fleet England
5th Simon Cofield 32.361 Sailboard Gold-Fleet England
6th Antony Baker 32.230 Sailboard Pro-Fleet England
7th Patrick Van Hoof 32.138 Sailboard Pro-Fleet Belgium
8th Ian Hill 31.867 Sailboard Gold-Fleet England
9th James Dinsmore 31.817 Sailboard Gold-Fleet England
10th Ian Richards 31.593 Sailboard Gold-Fleet England
11th Kevin Greenslade 31.302 Sailboard Pro-Fleet England
12th Nigel Spriggs 31.115 Sailboard Gold-Fleet England
13th David Garrel 30.994 Sailboard Pro-Fleet Luxembourg
14th Martyn Ogier 30.781 Sailboard Pro-Fleet Geurnsey
15th Mark Ingram 30.629 Sailboard Amateur England
16th Tony Morris 30.263 Sailboard Gold-Fleet England
17th Jim Crossley 30.240 Sailboard Gold-Fleet England
18th Torsten Mallon 30.020 Sailboard Pro-Fleet Germany
19th Simon Thompson 29.949 Sailboard Gold-Fleet England
20th Matthew York 29.804 Sailboard Gold-Fleet England
21st Nick Beaney 29.576 Sailboard Pro-Fleet England
22nd Johan Gelander 29.309 Sailboard Gold-Fleet Sweden
23rd Paul Morris 29.212 Sailboard Gold-Fleet England
24th Peter Martin 29.161 Sailboard Gold-Fleet England
25th Martin Carter 29.123 Kite Board Kite-Fleet England
26th John Oliver 28.856 Sailboard Amateur England
27th Robert Campbell 28.467 Kite Board Kite-Fleet England
28th Jamie Walker 28.441 Sailboard Gold-Fleet England
29th Zara Davis 28.320 Sailboard Pro-Fleet England
30th Adrian Wallis 28.240 Sailboard Gold-Fleet England
31st Russell Clark 28.238 Sailboard Amateur England
32nd Peter Starzengruber 28.237 Sailboard Gold-Fleet Austria
33rd Michael George 28.118 Sailboard Gold-Fleet England
34th Chris Bates 28.096 Sailboard Amateur England
35th Jesper Kinnås 27.821 Sailboard Amateur Sweden
36th Tristan Haskins 27.431 Sailboard Gold-Fleet England
37th David Gollick 27.276 Sailboard Pro-Fleet England
38th Gordon Roach 27.098 Sailboard Amateur England
39th Jeb Beresford 27.084 Kite Board Kite-Fleet England
40th Rob King 26.960 Sailboard Amateur England
41st Richard Flindall 26.949 Kite Board Kite-Fleet England
42nd Robin Penna 26.915 Sailboard Gold-Fleet England
43rd Reece White 26.879 Sailboard Amateur England
44th Peter Daulby 26.838 Sailboard Gold-Fleet England
45th Gavin Nicholson 26.499 Sailboard Gold-Fleet England
46th Alastair Nichol 26.418 Sailboard Gold-Fleet England
47th Neil Hardwick 26.372 Sailboard Gold-Fleet England
48th Dave White 26.316 Sailboard Pro-Fleet England
49th Stephen Chatten 26.266 Sailboard Amateur England
50th James Peck 26.259 Sailboard Amateur England
51st Iain Beaton 26.239 Sailboard Amateur England
52nd Terry Lewis 26.229 Sailboard Amateur England
53rd Tom Wade 26.152 Sailboard Amateur England
54th Nic Dodd 25.726 Sailboard Gold-Fleet England
55th Robin Russell 25.693 Sailboard Amateur England
56th Chris Jackson 25.662 Sailboard Gold-Fleet England
57th Jean-marc De Bruyne 25.347 Sailboard Amateur Belgium
58th Gary Platt 25.287 Sailboard Amateur England
59th Trevor Whatford 25.189 Sailboard Amateur England
60th Dave Strudwick 25.181 Sailboard Gold-Fleet England
61st Bill Robinson 24.885 Sailboard Amateur England
62nd Mike Price 24.838 Sailboard Amateur England
63rd Jed Cunningham 24.826 Sailboard Amateur England
64th Jamie Bambridge 24.572 Sailboard Amateur England
65th Kal Asrress 24.222 Kite Board Kite-Fleet England
66th Paul Bran 23.860 Sailboard Amateur England
67th Mark Hatton 23.737 Sailboard Amateur England
68th Sam Gooch 23.473 Sailboard Amateur England
69th Eddie Murrell 23.428 Sailboard Gold-Fleet England
70th Emile Burnaby Lautier 23.358 Kite Board Amateur Netherlands
71st Charlie Wilson 23.322 Sailboard Amateur England
72nd Neil Greentree 23.212 Sailboard Amateur England
73rd Tim Tarrington 23.172 Sailboard Amateur England
74th Nigel Leeming 23.160 Boat Boat-Fleet England
75th Martin Allman 23.093 Sailboard Amateur England
76th Hans Holzgartner 22.822 Sailboard Amateur England
77th Andrew Gladen 22.190 Sailboard Amateur England
78th Simon Andrew 21.675 Sailboard Amateur England
79th Paul Dodson 20.948 Sailboard Amateur England
80th Kate Strange 20.838 Sailboard Amateur England
81st Tania Mertens 20.787 Sailboard Amateur Belgium
82nd Duncan Adam 20.030 Sailboard Amateur England
83rd Kariina Pirhonen 19.884 Sailboard Amateur Wales
84th Tom Wells 19.745 Sailboard Gold-Fleet England
85th Peter Bennett 19.354 Sailboard Amateur England
86th Russell Clark 19.135 Sailboard Amateur England
87th Ben Marshall 19.098 Sailboard Amateur Wales
88th Jack Chadaj 18.996 Sailboard Amateur England
89th Alan Blundell 18.691 Boat Boat-Fleet England
90th Alec Powell 18.582 Boat Boat-Fleet England
91st Jamie Dickson 18.566 Sailboard Amateur England
92nd Andrew Harris 17.890 Sailboard Amateur England
93rd Sebastian Round 17.667 Sailboard Amateur England
94th Richard Powell 17.623 Sailboard Amateur England
95th Sarah Perkins 16.854 Sailboard Amateur Wales
96th Ian Blundell 16.655 Sailboard Amateur England
97th Paul Moxham 13.979 Boat Boat-Fleet England
98th Emily Hall 12.872 Sailboard Gold-Fleet England
99th Michael Barton 07.871 Boat Boat-Fleet England
100th Emile Burnaby Lautier 07.300 Boat Boat-Fleet Netherlands


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