Top all round PWA sailor, Ross Williams becomes UK agent for Gaastra Windsurfing and Kitesurfing, Vandal Windsurfing, Tabou Windsurfing and SUP.

Ross Williams

Ross is one of the few sailors on the tour still competing, and being extremely successful in a variety of disciplines. Competing in formula, slalom and waves equips Ross with an abundance of knowledge making him a brilliant ambassador for the brands. As well as competing, Ross has also been involved, for a long time, with the development of both brands, meaning that he not only uses but understands and has influence on the equipment you use.

Here in the UK Ross will now be in charge of both brands, which also means he will be on home shores a little more and hopefully coming back to some UK competition too!

We will bring you further information from Ross shortly as he prepares for the next round of the PWA wave tour here in Tenerife.

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