More quick fire questions with the BWA Rhosneigr competitors, and this time it's all about their worst injuries!

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Will Barrett - I split my tibia and fibula over my ankle landing a bad forward.

James Cox - twisting my ankle in Tiree. I had to have surgery to remove. Fragment of bone.

Alfie Hart - When I sliced the bottom of my foot on my fin in Tenerife last year.

Mike Archer - dislocating my knee.

Ben Proffitt - my back - there's no real end to it. I'm getting nerve pain all the time.

Adam Lewis - rupturing my LCL.

Mark 'Sparky' Hosegood - the ACL explosion.

Matt Cude - broken ankle from landing an aerial one footed!

Phil Horrocks - rolled ankle.

Justyna Sniady - my foot!!! Oh, and breaking my nose AGAIN recently!