Having had a month to work on your upwind 360, and more importantly, popping the board. The next step in Phil and Danielle's series shows us the earliest of aerial freestyle manoeuvres...

The Vulcan

The Vulcan is considered by many as the entry move in to the world of aerial freestyle. To break it down; you pop the board and aim to rotate 180 degrees downwind, land sliding backwards and as the board slide slows start sailing back the way you came. Here are a few of our "top tips" to help you learn this cool trick.

The Spock

The Spock is an extension of the Vulcan. Once you start to consistently land your Vulcans you will find you spend more and more time sliding backwards with more control. Perhaps you will already have experienced the board starting to slide in to a Spock rotation. The following video will show you how to turn those Vulcans in to some stylish Spocks.

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