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BWA Wales – Live From Day 3

Welcome to Day 3 of the BWA Rhosneigr Wave Champs and the conditions are spot on.  Wind is around 5.0m weather, but the waves are better than yesterday and more sideshore.  Competition is kicking off with the Pro Final and then we should see action from the Amateurs, Ladies and Masters right after…

20.50 – See you tomorrow!

20.49 – Archer wins, with Waite and Wand-Tetley 2nd and 3rd, which ends proceedings for today.

20.47 – The results are almost in…

20.40 – Archer lands a backloop!! The only one of the heat!

20.39 – It’s a very close final between all four!

20.33 – Wand-Tetley, Waite, Page and Archer competing – its close so far with Page, Waite and Archer all scoring good forwards on their first run.

20.32 – An the Amateur final re-run is underway.

20.31 – Ewer won, a strong finish.

20.28 – Hamilton is coming back in with a good back side ride.

20.26 – Ewer is storming ahead with Edmiston comfortably in second, leaving the battle for third between Bucky and Hamilton. But with time to spare, that could still change.

20.25 – Hamilton crashes another back loop.

20.24 – Nice back side ride from Ewer.

20.23 – Bucky goes in for another jump – a clean jump from Bucky.

20.21 – Bucky stacks it!

20.20 – Edmiston gets a ride.

20.20 – Massive forward for Ewer and a table top.

20.19 – Hamilton tries a backloop but crashes.

20.19 – Edmiston follows with a forward of his own.

20.18 – Ewer opens with a good forward.

20.18 – Competing we have Edmiston, Hamilton, Bucky and Ewer.

20.17 – The Masters 4 man final is about to be run. The wind is still looking light, but with an iffy forecast for tomorrow, the judges don’t want to risk leaving it.

20.03 – Only Amateur and Masters final to run now. We just need some wind! Grey clouds on the horizon, so hopefully it will be here soon.

20.02 – Final cancelled due to lack of wind.

20.00 – It’s looking good for Waite on his performance for waves.

19.55 – The wind is becoming really light now…

19.54 – Push loop attempt from Waite. Forward from Page.

19.53 – It’s now time for the 4 man Amateur final with Wand-Tetley, Waite, Page and Archer.

19.51 – Hamilton and Ewer win the heat.

19.49 – Hamilton has pulled back now, Tree needs a big jump to get ahead of the game.

19.47 – Big forward from Hamilton!

19.43 – Steve Tree is taking the lead is his heat with Ewer taking the lead over McGinn with a nice forward.

19.37 – Next up is local boy Steve Tree vs Hamilton and Ewer vs McGinn.

19.36 – Bucky and Edmiston both edge through in a tight heat.

19:22 – Back to the Masters now as Edmiston takes on Dime and McLawrence vs Bucky

19:21 – And he’s out.  MacDowall falls to Waite and Wand Tetley, just pips Barrat.

19:18 – Surprise defeat on the cards for MacDowal as he struggles to land a decent jump.  After sailing pretty much non-stop all day, it looks like he may be too tired to hold on.

19:03 – Next up is Waite vs MacDowal and Barrat vs Wand Tetley.

19:03 – Page and Archer go through..

18:59 – Page looks to have a grip of this one against Levie although a good jump could see Levie back in contention. Archer has the lead in his.

18:48 – And we are off with the second round of the Amateurs – Archer vs Yates & Levy vs Page

18:38 – Stevie Tree (Ladderman) has just scored the highest scoring wave of the masters so far linking turns all the way from the outside with two solid smacks wowing the judges.

18:32 – Dave Ewer has put together the highest score of the second round of masters with a combination of great jumps and rides.

18:25 – Check out the photo gallery from this morning just uploaded here:

18:15 – The masters have had some tricky heats with light winds and very onshore conditions, trying to avoid getting side-swiped by all the white water in the middle of the bay!  Big Davey showed some solid riding despite the light conditions to edge through to the next round. Event host Dave Buckland managed to get through his heat on the merit of riding only, whilst Dave Ewer is looking pretty dangerous for a top slot.  Geoff Hautman, pulled an awesome forward loop in his heat and also looks like a serious threat.

17:39 – The wind is pretty solid 4.5-4.7 at the moment the waves the biggest of the day so far with the incoming tide.  Wind is pretty onshore though.

17:33 – Sorry for delay in updates due to internet problem.  So….1st round of the masters is just about finished.  Stand outs so far have been: McGinn, P McLawrence & local boy Stevie Tree…these guys will go through to face some of the top seed masters such as Big Davey Edmiston who have got a bye straight to the second round.

16:46 – Heat is cancelled.  Looks like the wind will pick up again once this rain squall passes.

16:44 – McLawrence does his second double despite the lighter winds…..its looking really tricky…

16:38 – McLawrence, Sykes and Pettit up now…conditions are looking tough with the wind dropping and very onshore.

16:32 – Laurence walks away with the win, but as two progress, Granger will be joining him in the next round.

16:29 – Granger and Laurence are taking the lead in this one.  And to that looks to be the nail in the coffin for Joures as he breaks his mast!

16:24 – The first heat of the masters gets the go! Joures arrives late for his heat against Granger & Laurence.

16.15 – A good performance from Jack Pettit, another win for him.

16.05 – Next up it’s the second youth final.

16.02 – Wand-Tetley and Barrett are the winners.

16.00 – The wind is dropping again. Wand-Tetley and Barrett are taking a considerable leap forward.

15.58 – In the other heat, Wand-Tetley is just taking the lead.

15.51 – Barrett takes the lead with a good forward.

15.47 – It’s all-go here! With the final Men’s Amateur heats, we have Will Barrett, Tom Bennet Lloyd, Louis Morris and Mike Wand-Tetley.

15.46 – McDowell and Waite are the winners.

15.39 – McDowell is clocking up a healthy jump score. Waite is changing up. It looks like Kott needs a 2nd wave.

15.37 – Clyde is edging it over Kott at the moment, and in the other heat McDowell is winning.

15.35 – Now up in the next Amateur heats it’s Clyde Waite, Emile Kott, Phil Dawson and Scotty McDowell.

15.30 – Yates wins comfortably, Archer wins.

15.20 – Yates seems comfortable. A big backloop crash from Archer.

15.15 – The next Amateur heats include Liam Ellis, Mike Archer, Chris Yates and Russ Jenkins.

15.14 – Page wins and Levie wins.

15.09 – Levie and Page coming out on top at the moment.

15.06 – Wind has turned on-shore, it’s now starboard tack jumping – Rastrick is getting punished!

15.04 – Nice wave ride from Page so far.

15.01 – Typical – the wind has dropped as the heat starts and the rain has come!

14.57 – Wind’s looking very good! It’s 4.2m – 4.5m weather here now. Heats are 14 minutes each, with 2 jumps and 2 rides judged.

14.56 – The first Amateur heats are on! The four in these heats – Luke Rastrick, Ben Page, Tris Levie and Matt Cude.

14.46 – With more judges in place, the Amateurs are due to start soon! Four men on the water, two men in two heats at once.

14.32 – Too many riders on the water! This heat is abandoned.

14:28 – And the Amateurs are about to start

14:26 – Youth heat 1 – 1st place to Jack

14:25 – Dont forget to check out the Funsport Webcam:

14:12 – We will be uploading some pictures from this morning very soon…

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