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Boards in Tiree: The Runners and Riders

After a break in BWA competition over the summer the top British riders are now making their way to Tiree for the next round of the tour. Boards of course will be there, reporting as much information as possible straight to you.

Tiree has an abundance of spots to chose from, meaning that virtually any wind directions can produce great conditions. To find out all about the spots the riders could be sailing, plus more about the island in general check out the Tiree Beach Guide right here on Boards. 

Want to know more about Tiree? Click the image for the full beach guide. Image credit Dave White.

Before the competition kicks off we bring you a run down of the riders to look out for in each fleet:


Ben Proffitt the 2011 Tiree winner. Image credit Dave White.

Ben Proffitt – the previous BWA champion and last year’s winner in Tiree Proffitt will no doubt be out for the win again. Currently sitting in fourth position on the tour, he hasn’t quite had things all his own way so far this year and will need to step up his game to take the title once more. A fantastic all-rounder Proffitt manages to make all conditions look exceptional; in lighter, smaller conditions he may have the edge over his competitors.

Read more about Ben Proffitt on his rider stream here. 

Phil Horrocks – the current tour leader, with a first and third position, Horrocks can surely sense that this year could finally be his year to take the title. Sailing Rhosneigr and Cape Town regularly, Horrocks excels in port tack conditions and really stands out when the conditions get hard core.

Want to know what gear the pro’s use? Check out Phil Horrocks’ Pro Quiver piece here.

Phil Horrocks winning in Wales. Image credit Maike Sakschewski
Jamie Hancock. Image credit PWA/JC.

Jamie Hancock – currently places third in the tour, behind John Skye, Jamie has shown in Ireland what he can do when great conditions deliver. Being a little lighter than some of his competitors he has an advantage in lighter winds, this combined with his incredible riding style could see him rising to the top.

Want to know what gear the pro’s use? Check out Jamie Hancock’s Pro Quiver piece here.


James Cox – The Boardseeker whizz responsible for making all the features you see look so damn good, Coxy is also the man behind AND absolutely shines in starboard tack conditions. In Ireland when conditions switched he showed exactly what he is capable of by finishing fourth, with an awesome display of riding and jumping at Mossies, if conditions play ball can Coxy do it again?

James Cox. Image credit Duncan Dumbreck.

Want to know more about windsurfing and the weather? Check out this piece featuring James Cox and in conjunction with the Met Office.

Andy King

Andy King – Absent from Wales and Ireland Andy is yet to get a ranking on the tour this year, but with Tiree and then his ‘home’ event in Cornwall he could certainly cause some upsets at the top of the fleet. Andy showed last year in Tiree that he is still one of the best British sailors, despite not competing regularly like many of the others in the fleet. We are absolutely sure Andy will be one to watch again this year.


Read more from Andy King on his rider stream here. 

Others to watch out for: Polish PWA competitor Robert Baldyga, Andy “Bubble” Chambers, Sam Neal, Chris “Muzza” Murray, Steve Thorp and Timo Mullen (if they make the trip!)

Who won’t be there? Adam Lewis and John Skye. Adam Lewis should still be in title contention as he will be attending the Cornwall event, but with baby Skye due at any moment it looks unlikey that John Skye will be at either.


Alfie Hart. Image credit BWA/Dave White.

Alfie Hart – The Boardseeker camera man, responsible for all the awesome podcasts, videos and interviews you see on our sister site, Alfie is a fierce competitor too. Stylish riding and good jumping, including a killer table top, make Alfie a consistent performer and put him into the lead on the tour so far.

Ian Ross

Ian Ross – The BWA judge combines competing with judging at every event, a tricky business which meant he missed his own heat in Wales! When he manages to make his heats Ian excels, (he took the win in Ireland) and if the Tiree conditions suit his style he could be up there again.

Tom Bennett-Lloyd – The youth tour winner in 2011 Tom has stepped up to the amateurs this year and is more than holding his own. After spending some of the summer on the West coast of Ireland, Tom will be looking to build on two solid results in Wales and Ireland.

Check out the ‘Hidden Talents’ interview with Tom here.  

Tom Bennett-Lloyd. Image courtesy BWA/Dave White.

Scott McDowell – a stand out in the amateur fleet Scotty has been around for a while and has been on the verge of being kicked into the pro fleet a few times. Spending time in Cape Town over winters he really performs well when the conditions get gnarly, something we could be seeing this year (fingers crossed!). Scotty won in Wales, but didn’t compete in Ireland, no doubt he will be out for the win on his ‘home’ turf.

Others to watch out for:  Jim Brookes-Dowsett, Craig Hamilton, Russ Jenkins, Will Barrett, Ed Shearer.


Justyna Sniady

Justyna Sniady – the current BWA tour leader, made the last minute decision to enter after breaking her foot very badly earlier in the year. Justyna has struggled through rehab over the summer spurred on by the prospect of windsurfing again and made the brave choice to enter Tiree once on the island. Justyna has now sailed for the first time and is feeling sore but confident and as ready as she can be for the competition.

Debbie in Sidi Kaouki, Morocco this summer.

Debbie Kennedy – a previous winner in Tiree, Debbie also took the win in Ireland earlier this year. Debbie excels in down-the-line riding and in her favourite conditions is very tricky to beat. Though fourth in the the series at the moment, after a discard comes into play and already with one win under her belt, Debbie could see herself in a great position in the race for the title.

Lucy training in Fuerteventura

Lucy Robson – the winner of the Cornwall event last year, Lucy excels in high wind riding and comes into her own in jumping conditions. Having been in Tiree for the past week, Lucy should be more than ready for the competition. With a fourth and second in the series she is currently in second position overall.

Read more about Lucy in this ‘Girls on Tour’ interview. 

Sophia Gilje in Ireland. Image credit BWA/Dave White.



Sophia Gilje – a relative new comer to windsurfing, Sophia is progressing quickly in waves and has done consistently well through the competitions this year with a third and third, putting her in equal second overall, joint with Lucy.

Who won’t be there? previous entrants including Sarah Bibby and Tanya Saleh.

Others to watch out for: Rumour has it there should be a fleet of eight women in Tiree, which is the biggest fleet at this event in quite a while. A new influx of competitors could see things shaken up in the women’s fleet and the numbers should mean it’s possible to run eliminations rather than straight finals meaning the pressure is really on for the female competitors.


Luke Raistrick – the winner in Wales earlier this year is already entered for Tiree and after a summer of windsurfing is ready for the competition.

Read more about Luke in this ‘Hidden Talents’ interview. 

Luke Raistrick. Image credit BWA / Dave White


Dave White

Dave White – is the current tour leader after a win in Ireland and a score of 5.5 in Wales. Whitey has some solid riding and jumping skills, and with an abundance of competition experience is dangerous in every heat; as long as he can make it out from behind the camera that is!

Davey Edmiston – always looks good in full on conditions; a jumping specialist his local spot of Troon is a port tack, cross on playground so in any conditions that a similar to this are sure to see Davey on top form. The winner of the Wales event earlier in the year.

Mark Lloyd – last year’s winner and third placed rider in Wales Mark Lloyd is always one to watch out for.

Who won’t be there? Jan Sleigh who finished second in Ireland and is one to watch when  the conditions get big unfortunately won’t be making it to Tiree, but will be looking for a great result in Cornwall.

Others to watch out for: Depends who makes the trip up! Stu Tilbury, Johnny Greatrex, Lee Medway, Phil Bennett-Lloyd, Andy Heath, etc are all up there in the rankings, it just depends who makes the decision to head up to Tiree.


2012 BWA Championship Results
Pros Wales Ireland Scotland England Points
1 Phil Horrocks (Gaastra, Tabou) 0.7 3 21 21 45.7
2 John Skye (RRD, Flying Objects) 4 0.7 21 21 46.7
3 Jamie Hancock (Gaastra, Tabou) 5 2 21 21 49
4 Ben Proffitt (Simmer, Simmer, O’shea, Funsport) 3 5.5 21 21 50.5
5 Adam Lewis (ION) 2 7.5 21 21 51.5
6 James Cox (Ezzy) 10.5 4 21 21 56.5
7 Jack Hunt 7.5 7.5 21 21 57
8= Andy Chambers (JP, Pryde) 10.5 10.5 21 21 63
8= Chris Murray (Starboard, Tushingham) 10.5 10.5 21 21 63
10 Sam Neal (Goya) 7.5 14.5 21 21 64
11 Lewis Merrony(Simmer, Simmer, BlackProject, NoLimitz) 10.5 14.5 21 21 67
12 Timo Mullen (Starboard, Black Project) 21 5.5 21 21 68.5
13 Steve Thorpe (Simmer, Simmer) 6 21 21 21 69
14= Aleksy Gayda (Simmer, Hot Sails) 14.5 14.5 21 21 71
14= Richard Potter (Goya) 14.5 14.5 21 21 71
16= Rob Jones (Kerry Sail Co) 21 10.5 21 21 73.5
16= Oisin Van Gelderen (JP, Pryde) 21 10.5 21 21 73.5
18 Sam Darkin (Fanatic, North, ION) 17 17 21 21 76
19= George Shillito (Starboard, Tushingham) 14.5 21 21 21 77.5
19= Dave Horrocks (Gasstra, Tabou) 14.5 21 21 21 77.5
Ams Wales Ireland Scotland England Points
1 Alfie Hart 2 3 23 23 51
2 Ian Ross 7.5 0.7 23 23 54.2
3 Tom Bennet Lloyd 3 5.5 23 23 54.5
4 Jim Brookes 4 7.5 23 23 57.5
5 Russ Jenkins 5.5 10 23 23 61.5
6 Craig Hamilton 10.5 5.5 23 23 62
7 Duncan Dumbreck 10.5 10 23 23 66.5
8 Jeff Scott 10.5 12.5 23 23 69
9 Scott McDowell 0.7 23 23 23 69.7
10 Rob Partridge 14.5 10 23 23 70.5
11 Niall Melon 23 2 23 23 71
12 Emile Kott 23 4 23 23 73
13 Liam Ellis 5.5 23 23 23 74.5
14= Ed Shearer 7.5 23 23 23 76.5
14= Will Barrett 23 7.5 23 23 76.5
16 Nathan Saville 10.5 23 23 23 79.5
17 Ben Shelley 23 12.5 23 23 81.5
18= Jamie Bambridge 14.5 23 23 23 83.5
18= Joost Taylor 14.5 23 23 23 83.5
18= Matt Thorne 14.5 23 23 23 83.5
18= Timm Tarrington 14.5 23 23 23 83.5
18= Tony Dodd 14.5 23 23 23 83.5
Women Wales Ireland Scotland England Points
1 Justyna Sniady 0.7 2 7 7 16.7
2= Lucy Robson (North, Fanatic) 2 4 7 7 20
2= Sophia Gilje(North, Fanatic) 3 3 7 7 20
4 Debbie Kennedy (Hot Sails Maui) 7 0.7 7 7 21.7
5 Emma Ray 4.5 5 7 7 23.5
6 Megan Gayda 4.5 7 7 7 25.5
Youth Wales Ireland Scotland England Points
1= Luke Raistrick 0.7 5 5 5 15.7
1= Tris Levie 5 0.7 5 5 15.7
3 Freddie Ide 2 5 5 5 17
4 Dan Slater 3 5 5 5 18
Masters Wales Ireland Scotland England Points
1 Dave White 5.5 0.7 15 15 36.2
2 Stu Tilbury 4 4 15 15 38
3 Johnny Greatrex 7.5 3 15 15 40.5
4= Lee Medway 10.5 5 15 15 45.5
4= Phil Bennett Lloyd 10.5 5 15 15 45.5
6 Davey Edmiston 0.7 15 15 15 45.7
7= Andy Heath 2 15 15 15 47
7= Jan Sleigh 15 2 15 15 47
9 Mark Lloyd 3 15 15 15 48
10 Danny Geereedhary 5.5 15 15 15 50.5
11 Ivan Causer 7.5 15 15 15 52.5
12= Bill Dines 10.5 15 15 15 55.5
12= Gerry Willcock 10.5 15 15 15 55.5
14 Chris Willcock 13 15 15 15 58
Prepared by N Treacy on behalf of BWA. All queries should be addressed to [email protected]
Sponsor tags are only placed on sailors represented by members of Sponsor’s pool and limited to Pros and Women fleets.
1. Discards: each rider is entitled to 1 discard only after gaining 4 x complete results
2. DNE = Total entries for year +1
3. DNF =  Total entries for year
ENTRIES Wales Ireland Scotland England Total
Pros 17 18 35
Ams 18 13 31
Ladies 5 5 10
Yth 3 1 4
Masters 12 6 18
Total 55 43 0 0 98



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