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BWA 2010: overall results

Pro Champions


The 2010 BWA UK Wave Tour has once again delivered with many top places going down to the wire at in the final round in some of the most spectacular and challenging conditions seen at Gwithian, Cornwall. Spurred by his fantastic PWA results, Ben Proffitt (Simmer) finally took the crown he has worked so hard for with consistent wins in Ireland and Scotland. Chris Murray and George Shillito (Tushingham, Starboard) delivered consistent performances to take well deserved 2nd and 3rd respectively. Further stars to watch in 2011 will undoubtedly be Sam Neal (JP, Neil Pryde) and Richard Jones (Fanatic, North). The big question…after a giant-slaying 2010, will Andy ‘Bubble’ Chambers (JP, Neil Pryde) hang up his freestyle hat and cause more upset to the pros in 2011? Of course the fleet result was upset by the non-attendance of other stars such as Phil Horrocks (JP), John Skye (RRD, RRD), Timo Mullen (Starboard), and James Cox (Ezzy) who missed events and then lost valuable points in a savage and uncompromising 3-event tour which gave no charitable discards.

2010 Pro Champion: Ben Proffitt (Simmer, Funsport)

Vice Champion: Chris Murray (Tushingham, Starboard)

3rd: George Shillito (Tushingham, Starboard)


There was a real Anglo/Scot battle in the amateurs as Adam Sims and Scott McDowell raged war in their respective countries. But with Sims pulling an epic performance out of the bag in Gwithian, Scotty finally fell to his dagger.  Ian Gibson gave a die-hard performance to come a close 3rd next to new kid on the competition block, Jim Brookes-Dowsett in fourth. With the new rules sending the top two amateurs into the Pro fleet in 2010 it will be exciting to see how Adam and Scott progress and upset the pros fleet!

2010 Amateur Champion: Adam Sims

Vice Champion: Scott McDowell

3rd: Ian Gibson


2010 saw some very welcome new faces for this fleet with a standout performance from Debbie Kennedy who took 1st place in both Tiree and Cornwall to secure a Champions title. Close on her heals and one to watch for 2011 is Jody Ward who put in consistent performances in her first year of wave competition to take the Vice Champion place. Katie McAnena took 3rd overall despite only making one event. Busy studying to become a doctor she has assured us that she will return in 2011 to contend for the crown.

2010 Women’s Champion: Debbie Kennedy

Vice Champion: Jody Ward

3rd: Katie McAnena (RRD)


You think the pros are competitive…think again! The Masters fleet was a ferocious battle between RAF sailors and our old favourite Big Davey.  Despite taking a win in Gwithian with an epic mast high wave performance, Big Davey had to settle for 2nd as RAF’s own Craig Hamilton took the 2010 crown. Big Davey commented, “It is so hard to find the will to beat the RAF guys as they are far too nice. It was much easier when I could scrap with Nigel [Treacy] on the wave!” The other ‘nice guy’, Russ Jenkins took 3rd overall place to show the UK that when it comes to competition, the RAF does the job well.

2010 Masters Champion: Craig Hamilton (RAF)

Vice Champion: Big Davey Edmiston

3rd: Russ Jenkins


2010 saw the return of Aleksy Gayda.  Aleksy put in a performance most pros would be proud of securing 1st place in Cornwall and overall 2010 Youth Champion, a great birthday present.  Newcomers and ones to watch for 2011; Rhosneigr local Liam Ellis and George Bolwell took 2nd and 3rd overall.

2010 Youth Champion: Aleksy Gayda

Vice Champion: Liam Ellis

3rd: George Bolwell

The 2010 competition season is not yet over, as we have the inaugural Welsh Wave Sailing Amateur Champs ready to be held on the first windy weekend in November at Broadhaven. Sponsored by Pura Vida and Funsport and hosted by HavenSports, this event will see ‘amateur’ sailors battle in the Welsh waves with the Pros showing up to ‘show off’ their sponsors latest kit and their talents on the water! And of course the BWA Team are already working on the 2011 season. We hope to release event dates before Christmas so in the meantime, enjoy the autumn winds! See below for the 2010 BWA Overall Championship Results.

BWA Team

2010 BWA Championship Results


Wales Ireland Scotland England Points

Ben Proffitt (Simmer) 0 0.7 0.7 6.5 7.9

Chris Murray (Starboard, Tushingham) 0 7 8 4 19

George Shillito (Starboard, Tushingham) 0 9.5 8 6.5 24

Sam Neal (JP, Pryde) 0 9.5 5 13.5 28

Richard Jones (North, FanaMc) 0 9.5 10 9.5 29

Phil Horrocks (JP) 0 3 dne 0.7 29.7

John Skye (RRD, RRD) 0 2 3 dne 31

Timo Mullen (Starboard) dne 4 dne 3 33

Andy Chambers (JP, Pryde) dne dne 2 6.5 34.5

James Cox (Ezzy) dne dne 4 6.5 36.5

Michael Archer 0 15.5 10 13.5 39

Murray Saunders (Goya) dne dne 7 15.5 48.5

Jack Hunt dne 15.5 dne 11.5 53

Andy King dne dne dne 2 54

Graham Woods (Goya) 0 5 dne dne 57

Alan Jackson (Starboard, Tushingham) dne dne 5 dne 57

Rob Jones (Pryde) dne 6 dne dne 58

Adam Lewis (Starboard) 0 9.5 dne dne 61.5

Steve Jarvis dne dne dne 9.5 61.5

Dave Horrocks dne dne dne 11.5 63.5

Oisin Van Gelderen (JP, Pryde) dne 13 dne dne 65

Dan Gardner (Moo, Simmer) dne 13 dne dne 65

Ronan McGuire (Moo, Simmer) dne 13 dne dne 65

Jan Sleigh dne dne dne 15.5 67.5

Jamie Hancock dne dne dne 17 69


Adam Sims 0 0.7 2 0.7 3.4

Scot McDowell 0 2 0.7 5.5 8.2

Ian Gibson 0 dne 4 7.5 42.5

Jim Brookes‐ Dowsett 0 dne 3 14.5 48.5

Simon Sweeney 0 dne 6 14.5 51.5

Julian Leach 0 9 dne 19 59

Niall Melon 0 3 dne dne 65

Steven Roberts 0 4 dne dne 66

Joseph O’Callaghan 0 5 dne dne 67

Tim Watson 0 6 dne dne 68

Greg King 0 dne 6 dne 68

Toby Edmunds 0 dne 6 dne 68

Tom Lotocki 0 7.5 dne dne 69.5

James Wilson 0 7.5 dne dne 69.5

Robin Hennessy 0 dne dne dne 93

Emile Kott dne dne dne 2 64

Robert Sheldon dne dne dne 3.5 65.5

Duncan Sheldon dne dne dne 3.5 65.5

Lewis Merrony dne dne dne 5.5 67.5

Ryan Humphrey dne dne dne 7.5 69.5

Will Rogers dne dne dne 10.5 72.5

Andy Buchanan dne dne dne 10.5 72.5

Ed Chapman dne dne dne 10.5 72.5

Clyde Waite dne dne dne 10.5 72.5

Kristan Arens dne dne dne 14.5 76.5

Jefrey Scott dne dne dne 14.5 76.5

Vince Freeman dne dne dne 20.5 82.5

Gethin Edwards dne dne dne 20.5 82.5

Ed Buchanan dne dne dne 20.5 82.5

James Thorne dne dne dne 20.5 82.5


Debbie Kennedy dne dne 0.7 0.7 10.4

Jody Ward dne dne 2 2 13

Katie McAnena (RRD) dne 0.7 dne dne 18.7

Louise Emery (Simmer) 0 2 dne dne 20

Helen Bainbridge dne dne 3 dne 21

Karina Pirhonen 0 dne dne 3 21

Sarah Frymann dne dne dne 4 22

Charmaine Randall dne dne dne 4 22


Alexi Gayda dne dne dne 0.7 10.7

Liam Ellis 0 0.7 dne dne 10.7

George Bolwell dne dne dne 2 12

Ashley Couchman dne dne dne 3 13


Craig Hamilton 0 0.7 2 3 5.7

Davey Edmiston dne 2 4 0.7 6.7

Russ Jenkins 0 4 0.7 2 6.7

Mark Lloyd 0 3 3 5 11

Danny Geereedhary 0 7.5 6.5 6.5 20.5

Damien DeBacker 0 6 6.5 dne 26.5

Chris Willcock 0 7.5 6.5 dne 28

Ben Abel dne dne dne 4 32

Gerry Willcock 0 5 dne dne 33

Mike Poole dne dne 6.5 dne 34.5

Jon Kershaw dne dne dne 6.5 34.5

David Naylor dne dne 9 dne 37

Steven Carragher dne dne 10 dne 38

* Prepared by N Treacy on behalf of BWA. All queries should be addressed to [email protected]


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